People we have worked for:

"Michael Haerteis has a unique facility to understand all aspects of public art projects. From initial conception, budgeting, fabrication to installation he is a reliable, experienced, thoughtful and encouraging partner - understanding the nuances of each project from all points of view.  There are few who could understand the depth necessary for these projects, yet Michael always handles complex situations with grace and forethought."


Heidi Lippman


"I met Michael in Philadelphia in 2008 on one of his business trips to the US. I am a photographer who focuses on new ways of presenting my work, from wallpaper to tiles and glass. Michael was phenomenally good at communicating in the following months, sending calls for public art and encouraging new ways of seeing my own work in large-scale, architectural settings. In 2010 he helped me receive a travel grant to visit and work in Munich. The created work subsequently exhibited in Philadelphia. Five years later, Michael became my business manager. Since 2015, he has become the strongest arm of my artistic practice. 


Michael engages with artists in a dynamic way. He understands the viewpoint of both the artists, public art officials, architects, developers, and fabricators. He identifies possible materials and enjoys giving feedback on possible designs. Michael has created a clear structure for project proposals; marketed projects through email and social media; composed renderings; edited photographs; communicated with clients; and become an invaluable part of my business -- he feels like a true partner in the often complicated process."


Julia Blaukopf

"Michael Haerteis was the project manager for several glass projects that I did with the Mayer Studio. He worked closely with me on a day-to-day basis, understood what I was trying to achieve and helped make it happen.  I could always count on his thoroughness and reliability, his understanding of the complexities of the project, and his passion for his work – and respect for mine."


Nancy O'Neil

Projects we have been involved with:


• 2018 WestEnd25 in Georgetown, DC, USA  - Project Management for Julia Blaukopf

• 2018 Exhibition - "My Great Love“ at 3 senior care facilities

• 2018 Temple B‘nai Israel, Maryland - Project Management for Heidi Lippman

• 2018 Exhibition - "Hope is Maybe“ at Refugee Camp Munich

• 2018 Exhibition - "Hope is Maybe“ at Munich International Airport

• 2018 Exhibition - "Hope is Maybe“ at Munich International Airport

• 2018 Exhibition - "Interim Time“ by Susanne Pohl

• 2018 Exhibition - "Intercultural Awareness" Münchenstift gGmbH

• 2018 Exhibition - Diakonia "Silver Models" 

• 2017 Exhibition - "Max ist Marie" by Kathrin Stahl at 4 senior care facilities

• 2017 Art Rental - Prof. Dorothea Reese-Heim

• 2017 Exhibition - "Momente" in collaboration with Artothek Munich

• 2017 Exhibition - "Das Klare liegt im Abstrakten" by Temel Nal

• 2017 Exhibition - "innendraußen" by Gabriele Stolz

• 2017 Exhibition - "Sonnenblick" by Matthias Keitel

• 2016 - ongoing Production Management for artist Brian Clarke

• 2016 Exhibition - "Reprinted: Christine Nguyen"

• 2016 Exhibition - "Pflege meet Migration" with Ergül Cengiz, Suse Güllert and Nicola Hanke

• 2016 Exhibition - "Erinnerungen" with Silvia Wienefoet and Christian Leitna

• 2016 Exhibition - "Vielfalt im System" with Mary Kim and Christine Ott

• 2016 Exhibition - "Ich über mich" by Michaela Auer

• 2016 Münchenstift gGmbH, Munich, Germany – Artist: Alexander Hoenig, Julia Blaukopf

• 2016 Andante - Riverwalk, Tampa, FL – Artist: Heidi Lippman

• 2015 Exhibition - "Foreign Eyes" by Julia Blaukopf

• 2015 The Shirt Corner Building, Philadelphia, PA – Artist: Julia Blaukopf

• 2015 Girard Brasserie, Philadelphia, PA – Artist: Julia Blaukopf